2. Pleasure Over Protection

A lot of the general populace is mislead by the idea that prostitution (or “sex work”) is harmless, or even “empowering” for those who work in the inudstry. However, based on numerous studies, nothing could be farther from the truth. 

  • Of those who are in the industry, 60-80% of workers are subjected to physical and sexual abuse on a regular basis2.
  • To the argument that working in such an industry is done by choice: the majority of those who enter the industry are either sex trafficked (compelled to do so by means of force, fraud, or coercion), or come from dysfunctional living situations (drug addiction, homelessness, and sexual abuse are the most common factors)2.
  • 99% of those currently working in online prostitution are paid only $2,000 per year - much less than the typical minimum wage job5.
  • 88% of those working in the industry have expressed a strong desire to leave, though many have found it difficult to do so3.

As part of working in the industry, prostitutes are essentially forfeiting their autonomy in exchange for money. In this position, they are no longer seen or treated as human beings, but instead as mere objects to be used for consumers’ pleasure. This is one of the only fields of work that encourages the concept of selling human bodies as the product, compared to a separate, actual product or service that would be offered by a legitimate business.